October 22, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - Wicked Ugly Bad (A Kinda Fairytale Book 1) by Cassandra Gannon

Once Upon a Time…

Scarlett Riding is NOT an ugly stepsister. Cinderella is the evil one in the family and Letty is determined to prove it. Unfortunately, that’s kinda hard to do from behind bars. After the debacle at the ball, Letty and her sister Dru were dragged off to the Wicked, Ugly and Bad Mental Health Treatment Center and Maximum Security Prison. While Cindy’s planning her dream wedding, her two stepsisters are being forced to endure life in the dreariest dungeon in the land.

Luckily, Letty has a plan to change that unhappy ending. If she can just get to Prince Charming and prove the glass slipper doesn’t fit Cinderella’s foot, she can reclaim her life. In order to do that, though, she needs to convince The Big Bad Wolf to lend a hand in organizing a jailbreak.

Marrok Wolf isn’t sure what to make of the idealistic redhead in his group therapy sessions. With fifty counts of Badness on his criminal record, Marrok’s used to being surrounded by crooks and scumbags. Scarlett wants to lecture him about equal rights for trolls! When the little do-gooder comes up with an elaborate plan to break their entire “share circle” out of prison, though, Marrok is certainly willing to go along with the plot. And not just because he wants to see her naked. The woman may not be wicked, ugly, or Bad, but she’s definitely the only one who can save him.

Together with a wicked witch, a timid bridge ogre, an evil prince, and other villains straight out of a storybook, Scarlett and Marrok are about to make sure that Baddies finally have a happily ever after.

Genre: Fantasy
Length: 333 Pages
Published by: Star Turtle Publishing
Release Date: March 11, 2013

About Cassandra Gannon

Well, talk about reclusive! I couldn't find anything at all on Cassandra Gannon - No Author Website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Author Interviews or Blog Reviews - Just the Goodreads page . . . And even that doesn't have a picture or a bio. I put up what I could find, so there ya go. I think this sounds like a good book {I'll probably do a review sometime in the future}, and the Amazon Reviews are stellar. Here's one:

«««««This author has a SERIOUS Imagination! 
August 10, 2014 

By Telara

Don't ask me why I bought this book. Something in the blurb appealed to my quirky nature. However, I am THRILLED I got this book. The author has an imagination that does not quit. Any author that can do what this one did is worth reading. As for other reviewers whining about typos (and deducting stars for that alone) - you folks do NOT understand the job of editors. Typos and missed words or punctuation are not the job of the author, those are the job of the line editor in a publishing house. Two totally different skill sets are in play.

The author's job is simple - create a compelling read with interesting characters and dialog and a great plot. Build a world a reader will SEE and FEEL as they read. Those are the responsibilities of the writer. ANYONE can correct typos and "English class" type mistakes. However it takes a skilled writer to grab you with their story, their characters and their world and pull you into it as a reader. NOT every writer can do what this one did. I recognize that fact and have nothing but respect for this author's work.

I highly recommend this book, and the second in the series. The author created a story using some of the classic fairytale characters in totally unique and unexpected ways. If you never thought of Cinderella as a narcissistic freaky psycho who wronged her "ugly" stepsisters, you will after reading this book. The twists and turns and characters this author created captivated me. It kept me reading and reading and reading until I finished the book. I immediately checked for more and found the second book and just finished that one as well. I wish there were more.

The main character - Scarlett (Letty), is strong and funny - imprisoned unjustly for being "ugly" and "bad" - and desperate to escape. Who knew she would find her "True Love" in the Big Bad Wolf - Marrok, also imprisoned for being "bad"? However, he does live up to being Bad in all the best ways -- a sexy gorgeous Alpha.

Doesn't everyone have both good and bad in them? Shouldn't it be wrong to be imprisoned just because they were classified as "bad", whether they committed a crime or not? And why won't anyone listen when Letty said she has proof her step-sister Cindy is not really the Prince's True Love and that Cindy's big foot did NOT fit in the glass slipper? And why won't any of the "Good" people listen when she insists it is just a matter of time before Cinderella has her killed?

Now, it may all sound twisted and impossible, but this author makes it work. Letty is actually mostly "Good", and in great danger if the other inmates realize it. Letty is also telling the truth about everything. Cinderella is one sick puppy. Eventually, the reader will cheer to see beautiful, perfect Cinderella punched in the face.

This author creates a great story and a great love story. The sex is graphic. This is definitely a book for an adult. But the character development is really good. The writing is skilled, and this book has become a new favorite of mine. I only hope the author writes more of these irreverant "kinda" fairytales.


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