July 2, 2013

Triple Witch (Home Repair Is Homicide Series #2) by Sarah Graves

Jacobia Tiptree saved her sanity—and her son, Sam—the day she abandoned Wall Street for the seacoast village of Eastport, Maine. In her new home, a charmingly dialpidated fixer-upper, she looks forward to repairing old radiators and restoring antique shutter for years to come. But Jake's hopes of serenity are dashed when tiny Eastport erupts in a crime wave.

Hometown bad boy Kenny Mumford—old flame of Jake's best fiend and fellow sleuth, Ellie White—is the first victim. When his corpse washes up on the beach at Prince's Cove, all evidence points to a drowning...except the bullet hole in his forehead.

When bodies begin littering the Maine scenery, Jake and Ellie learn that the ante on Kenny's small-town antics has been upped. Add a pair of unwelcome arrivlas—Jake's ex-husband, and an unscrupulous New York ex-money mogul—and you've got a blueprint for more deadly danger than one house can hold.

Kenny Mumford's wide, sightless eyes gazed up out of his shroud of wet, green rockweed, on the beach of Prince's Cove. The rockweed covered much of the rest of his face, but we knew right away that it was Kenny. His left hand, flung out loosely behind him as if he were doing the backstroke, had the peculiar, purplish round scar in its palm that anyone in Eastport would recognize.

Kenny always told people he'd gotten the scar when a biker chick, high on methamphetamines, hammered his hand to the shiny metal rim of a barstool after a night of drinking. Others said that the drinking part was right but that the nail came from a nail gun one time when Kenny had had a job.

Now Kenny's eyes were bleached to a pale, milky blue, the result of being soaked in cold salt water. A day earlier, Kenny's boat had been towed in minus Kenny by the Coast Guard, so it was no real surprise finding him there on the beach.

The hole in his forehead, though, that was a surprise. 

Sarah Graves lives with her husband in an 1823 Federal-style house in Eastport, Maine, where her mystery novels are set. When she is not scraping, painting, glazing, sanding, hammering, or otherwise repairing (or failing to repair!) the old house, she is working on her fourteenth Home Repair Is Homicide novel.


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